3D Modeling

Sybirathia is an online game under development. Our game is intended to be a free to play online virtual world environment that anyone can come on, try out, and enjoy.



  • Improvement of portals (the things that take you to different scenes), and teleports ( to other locations within the same scene).

  • Scene transition has been improved along with a better between scene Fade.

  • Work is being done on the Player Controls scripting mechanics  as well as camera features being fixed and expanded upon.

  • Inventory/item collection features are also being improved upon  both in scripting and layout.

  • Enemy AI and Player combat will be worked on following the successful improvements and implementations of the basic  features. 

  • Art and Assets will likely be changed over time based on improvements of art and general assets, with some older content brought back and completely new content applied.



That depends upon the success of resolving issues and getting them resolved consistently. Once these parts are in place, then the next stage will likely  involve:

  • Properly Saving Player Data. In short, if you picked up and placed objects in specific places, what things you have managed to earn, and the condition of health your player was in the moment you signed off, and where, will be preserved in the game data files for your player  and content (Definitely find and use save points) .

  • Creating a Login/Registration with gender select option (note the game is still designed as single player, but will function as a multiplayer by having an account creation and ability to interact with other end users via chat and player to  player (P2P) and player vs player (PVP)interactions). 

  • Character Customization of chosen avatar is also going to be included, so that content with an inventory system aside from item collections and resource/survival and combat content.  As with the general settings for audio and visual, character customization will be set up to be accessible at any time.

  • Gifting Feature. In short, you will be able to gift other users any of those extra coins, credits or extra items you got taking up space. Plus it can help out new members an established ones. Most games  don't allow free game currency to be traded or gifted. Yet they allow someone to receive a gifted item that the recipient can sell and get such from anyways.  We will cut to the chase. If you got it, dot want it, and see someone else can use it, you will be able to send it off to them without any other restriction then having earned a PL (Player Level) of 20 (max level a player can achieve will be set for 200, Bit that wont be easy, and leveling becomes harder with each new level, doubling  the previous achieved level requirements each time).

  • Collecting supplies to custom build location wont just be a "buy it cause you can afford it" thing. To make it harder for this to become a pay to win thing, you will still need to complete specific tasks to get some parts to construct the tools needed to build things with.



There will always be something else, as long as we are the ones working on this project. We do, however, want to get the game playable and make it reasonably enjoyable for the end users, even if they use it purely to socialize with their friends and family, if nothing more. Our goal is really building a toy for you to play with and hopefully enjoy for years to come.  Sop stay posted to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Your sponsorship will allows us to do a lot of things. From maintaining the URL, to securing a dedicated server and focus on game development, it will also help us improve our services and expand options for this website. If you would like to help use the Support Button here.


All transactions are kept confidential. We do not share such information with third parties or auto-bill you.





We are currently using Unity Engine 2018.4.19f1. If you would like to help.

We are using Blender 2.79, rather than 2.8+ for the creation of many of our assets. If you need the original installer before their update, you can download it here.

Regardless what 3D and 2D art and Assets creation software you choose, just make sure 3D models are fbx format, imagery in png, and videos in mp4, as these make it easier for the engine to read and content to be edited and updated as necessary.

Sample Models
Models made by Raymond Foster
If you would like to help improve these models, add rigging and create animations for them, Contact Us.
Remember. These models are being created specifically for  the Sybirathia Game as exclusives to this project.
They are therefore Sybirathia LLC properties and are not Public Domain and cannot be used for either public or private usage.

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