These rules are in compliance with our Policies, Terms of Service (TOS) and End User License Agreement (EULA). They apply not just to the website; it applies to all aspects and features provided by Sybirathia LLC through the website and the game, including, but not limited to, the planned virtual world. By joining our membership, and/or registering with and logging into the website and/or game, you have automatically agreed  to these rules  and our policies.

  1. No, means No: An individual does not need to or is required to explain themselves or justify why they say NO to anything. Continuously pestering someone to try and get them to say yes to something will also be considered harassment.

  2. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: We do not tolerate harassment in any form. This means constantly asking the same thing over and over, intentionally bothering others, asking for anything after already being told no, demanding things of others, unwanted flirtations, clearly stated unwanted sexual advances or spamming chats, and/or the forum, or continuously responding or posting comments about someone who has already made clear they wish to be left alone by such individuals. 

  3. Zero Tolerance for  Racism: Yes, there are those who seem to be unclear "what racism actually is or isn't."  To clarify it is open slurs and discrimination of others based on their skin pigmentation, hair and eye color, ethnicity, or nationality.

    1. For example Jewish is an ethnicity, Judaism is a religious identity. Arab is an ethnicity, Islam and being a Muslim isn't, but are religious identities. Christian is an identity but is neither "restricted to an ethnicity or nationality" while Christianity itself is a religious identity. Hinduism is an umbrella term for cultural and religious diversity from India with a wide range of beliefs, sects, spirituality, and so forth, while an Indian is a person from India, not a First nations indigenous Native American people. So such things as religion, culture and politics are not synonymous with ethnicity, nationality or skin pigmentation regardless the origins of such cultural, religious or political institutions and/or organizations.

  4. Keep Real World Religion and/or Politics to Yourself: This is not a religious  organization or political party, and while we do not mind if people choose to have private discussions about such among themselves, it is to remain among themselves and not to be hashed out here or in the game world. If people are having a private chat about such things and you happen upon such, leave them alone and keep the comments to yourself. In turn we do not tolerate attacking or insulting anyone's religious, non-religious, political or non-political associations or affiliations.

  5. Zero Tolerance for Discrimination of Sexual Orientation: Simply put, we do not tolerate discrimination against a person's sexual orientation. This is not the same as sexual preferences which are specifically listed as the following sexual orientations:

    1. Heterosexual: A person who is sexually attracted only to members of the opposite gender (I.E. man to woman or woman to man).

    2. Homosexual: A person who is sexual attracted only to to members of the their same gender (I.E. a woman to woman, or man to man). 

    3. Bisexual: A person who is sexual attracted to both genders regardless what their own gender is (I.E. a woman sexually attracted to both a man and a woman, or a man sexually attracted to both a man and a woman).

  6. Zero Tolerance for some Sexual Preferences: Simply put, we do not tolerate some forms of sexual preference, such as adults sexually preferring children (pedophiles), non-humanoid animals (bestiality), and/or sexual preference for immediate (aunts, uncles, cousins), relatives or immediate family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren) and thus (incest). We also do not tolerate sexual preferences involving violent sexual activity such as rape (forced sex with another against their will), or sex with corpses (necrophilia). or other simply gross content involving body secretions (sweat, tears, urine, vomit, and excrement). Role play in any of these categories will not be permitted or tolerated.

  7. No Sexually Graphic Avatar Pics: Some content in the Game will be of an Adult nature such as nudity, harsh language, gore and violence. However, you are not allowed to post avatar pictures that are explicit such as of a sexual nature, actual or suggestive. Nude images in general are prohibited.

  8. Keep your Private Information Private: Sharing your private, personally identifiable information is simply dangerous, pure and simple. Therefore do not share or ask for personal identifiable information, as you do so at your own risk and whereby only you are held accountable for the consequences.  Do not share others personal identifiable information either as you also shall be held personally liable. In both cases Sybirathia LLC is held unaccountable for such actions, but when reported the information will be deleted as soon as possible and the ones sharing others information will be informed they are being blocked and banned from Sybirathia (the Game, the Website, and any association with the company).  Such private information includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Username and passwords, real personal images, addresses, phone numbers, emails, social security numbers, drivers licenses, credit or debit card numbers, pins and security codes,  mobile numbers, other social media memberships,  and so forth.

  9. Don't play Grammar Police or Typo Tyrants: Simply put, people speak different from different regions, from different countries, and different languages, so how they present their wording should not be something you need to "correct" them on unless they have openly asked to learn how to speak, read and write in proper English, or some other language they are communicating with others in. Furthermore, some only have access to such as Google Translate, or some other inferior software. Second, people make typos either because they just type to fast, or too slow trying to keep up in a chat, or may have keyboard or medical issues, as well as simply getting their fingers in the way of their own fingers.  You do not and should not make people feel "bad" because of text errors or language barriers. In addition, someone going around correcting everyone simply becomes harassment, regardless the intentions, and as already stated, we do not tolerate it here.

  10. Don’t Spread false or hurtful information: This is generally defined as gossiping and making claims about people you know isn't true and are doing so to "get back" at someone or simply repeating some non-sense you read or heard from someone else about someone else, or as some would still call it, bearing false witness. In short, if you do it, you are leaving the door open for others to do the same to you, and if you don't like it, don't do the same to others. By respecting others you are respecting yourself even if others don't respect you, wherein it becomes their problem, not yours.  Employ a healthy skepticism with anything you hear or see online, as well as in real life and do some fact checking and some serious research before you share anything and claim it is "true" and incontestable or unfalsifiable regardless who or what the subject is.

  11. No Tolerance for Entrapment: This the action of tricking someone into committing a violation of our rules and/or policies and/or terms of service with the express purpose of getting them banned or blocked (locked out) of Sybirathia.  For example, inviting someone into a private conversation and manipulating them in such as way as to get them to say or do something to get them in trouble. If such an action is discovered, the one "laying such traps" will be the ones kicked off the website and out of the game along with the one who should have already known such things are not tolerated and being irresponsible.

  12. Do not upload Malicious Code or Content: Thus simply means you are not allowed to pirate, hack, hijack, disable, or upload content that will trespass on the function, usability and access of the website or game, or in any way harm or expose personal identifiable information of members, accounts, transactions, or anything, or otherwise install or upload any unauthorized third party software and or content by any means whatsoever. Any account that has been found that has trespassed in any such way against Sybirathia (the game, and or website and/or Sybirathia LLC (the company), will result in freezing of the account, and be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent the law allows.

  13. Don’t share Third Party links: If Sybirathia LLC didn't put up such links  then you shouldn't either as it will be considered unauthorized third party advertising. Furthermore any such posting may be in direct violation of their copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights. If you are not sure if its "O.K" to mention something, ask first by  sending your question to the GET NEWS link which serves as the contact us service as well. Do not post those types of questions through any chat or in the forum. 

  14. Don’t share Protected Property: Protected Property is defined here as anything that serves in advertising, such as the names, copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property of another company, group, organization and/or individual. Examples of such include, but are not limited to game titles, characters, mascots, logos, business names, art and/or music. If Sybirathia LLC has posted or published something, it is only because of three reasons for which you, the individual, or they, others in question, are not authorized to reproduce, alter, clone, replicate, simulate or reference. 

    1. We (Sybirathia LLC, the company)  are their affiliated members, or they are affiliates of us (Sybirathia LLC, the company);

    2. The content is public domain and no longer is protected under any copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property laws, nationally or internationally;

    3. Or said company or organization is a sponsor of Sybirathia LLC as an authorized and paying advertiser using Sybirathia as an advertising circuit because it fits its target market group(s).

      • By becoming a member of our website, and/or registering and longing into the game world, or being a volunteer developer does not automatically make you an employee of Sybirathia LLC, and there or unauthorized to reproduce, alter, represent, clone, rip, change, or edit, market, advertise, solicit, or otherwise act on behalf of  Sybirathia LLC, the Game, and/or its associated affiliates and/or sponsors whatsoever.

  15. Don't pretend to be Staff or Employees of Sybirathia LLC: This should be self explanatory. An employee is someone who has been hired for a specific job position or has been contracted and paid for specific service which ceases at the completion of their contract. With that being stated, the following are NOT Employees:
    1. Volunteers: A volunteer is anyone who has elected to help with something. In the case of Sybirathia, Volunteers include, but are not limited to such as developers such as coders, 2D artists in creating art and layouts for the UIs (User Interfaces that hold all the buttons and content to play a game or such as this website) 3D modelers and animators, music producers, and even in game moderators subject to the same rules as everyone else but have been selected upon their request to help supervise and monitory peoples behavior, and in tern given specific perks or benefits for their assistance.   
    2. Members: Members are anyone who has joined the website, and in turn interact with together, to socialize and share information and content , role play via chat , or register and log into the the 3D game environments.   
    3. Affiliates/Sponsors: An affiliate, or a Sponsor is someone or a company that provides funds to create, support and fund the creation and continuation of a company, yet are not employees. For example, PayPal would be an affiliate as a financial service. A sponsor would a company that for advertising their business in some way provides financial compensation and/or co-advertising service for another company.  Employees of these affiliates or sponsors would therefore not be employees of Sybirathia LLC, even if they themselves as individuals join the website and register to log in and play the game itself.    
  16. Flag or report inappropriate content. Online communities often rely on users to generate content and flag ones that violate community guidelines. In this regards, we are no different. In the case of YouTube, with more than 300 hours of videos being uploaded every minute, flagging or reporting questionable content is invaluable to preserving it as a safe and enjoyable resource (at least in theory), just as in most online communities. If you come across content that you think shouldn’t be here, we ask you to report it.
    1. If you invite others to Sybirathia, be sure to encourage them to review these rules.
    2. We reserve the right to make additions or subtractions as deemed necessary by Sybirathia LLC at will and at our own discretion without notice.

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