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  1. To create a fully interactive Social Network Website that allows the end user to maintain privacy and anonymity. This also means we will encourage community interactions and open dialogue, and not the frankly useless like/dislike rating system or "snap-chat" sort of thing. 
  2. A secondary 3D world environment where you can interact with others also in a social setting by way of a virtual character (avatar), with a simple user friendly and intuitive UI (not AI).


  1. Yes, some exist but they often demand far too much information and do not allow for end users to remain anonymous. We will return that freedom and privacy to the end user by not requiring real names to simply use our service which is intended to be free to use and free to play.

  2. How things will be paid for is through a limited number of micro-transactions and sponsorship ads. We will not harvest or collect or store data to be shared with or used by third parties.

  3. Our goal is to also make sure that the User interfaces (UI) are end user friendly and intuitive, along with keeping the screen space real-estate as open and free as possible, so it does not become cluttered or congested.

  4. The 3D world will serve as an addition to general Social networking and we wont be implementing a like/dislike rating system. It is our view that such things take away from social networking and sharing information, but also fuirther takes away to invite dialogue between end users.

  5. We wont be charging through the nose real life currency a bunch of virtual content that costs more than the real thing in the real physical world. That's just crazy.

  6. Develop a means to allow for end user made content. Simply put, regardless what one uses for their 3D and 2D modeling and artwork, and if it is feasible to insure such submissions do not retain malicious code attachments, we will consider the ability for end users to be able to upload their won custom content and potentially build a virtual currency around this option. 

There will also be plenty of actual business features through the virtual world as well which are being kept confidential at this time. While indeed there are a few games that combine the social networking website and virtual world game space together, to be direct about it, they lost site of their roots and this caused a lot of them to loose their steam as it were.

Yet be aware,  what we are intending on developing is a combination of the game world and social networking site concepts in a manner where you can choose which one you use more often, and switch between the two as you wish. In other words,  you get to choose how and what you use as such becomes an option.

What will make us different?  Because we come from the end user side of things, know what we enjoyed, what we disliked, what would have kept us participating, and what inevitably chased us away from such services. Above all, we are serious about going back to the roots and frankly among those tired of all the AI being put in place to run everything.

We hope to see you here and join us in this effort to truly bring the power back to the people  and power back to the players.

Your sponsorship will allows us to do a lot of things. From maintaining the URL, to securing a dedicated server and focus on game development, it will also help us improve our services and expand options for this website. If you would like to help use the Support Button here.


All transactions are kept confidential. We do not share such information with third parties or auto-bill you.



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Having problems finding an older version of Unity? Don't like the latest Blender but cannot get the installer? The link for Unity 2017,2018, and 2019 versions are direct from the Unity Game Engine Website. For Blender 2.79 the installer has been saved to our storage.

Sample Models
Models made by Raymond Foster
Not all featured models are necessarily the ones that will  appear in the final released Game and are subject to editing. If you would like to help improve these models, add rigging and create animations for them, Contact Us. These are Sybirathia LLC properties and therefore are not Public Domain.

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