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Welcome to Sybirathia!

Our goal is to create a collaborative effort to develop a free to play 3D Social Network Game World that is community supported and volunteer based. We also want to make it simple and easy to use for end users! Currently this is being funded out of pocket, and we really need your help to make this project come to life!

Platforms Intended (PC = Personal Computers):

Today we see a lot of companies and new developers caught up in the hype, primarily creating games for mobile devices. This pretty much cuts out those who prefer playing their games on their home computers.  Our goal is to therefore develop this game for PC game play, and then add options for consoles and mobile devices.

​​How you can help

There are several options here that you can participate in for the development of this project both as a developer and a future end user.

  1. Financial Assistance: Simply put, you can sponsor this project by volunteering financial support for purchasing and maintaining the URL,  securing dedicated servers and paying for necessary content. This helps us "keep" the lights on and avoid excessive micro-transactions.

  2. World Development: Help develop 3D world environments with custom assets (such as but not limited to 3D modeling, character rigging and blend shapes, C# coding, scene layouts, audio projection and voice acting.

  3. UI Layouts: This is the 2D content that includes navigation button 2D art, registration and login, character selection and menus. Our goal is to keep things clean, easy to access and intuitive, and develop a persistent In Game Play UI.

Invite people to our site! The best advertising out there is word of mouth and social networking. Not only is it far more cost effective, it keeps the expenses really low. Also with today's global economy, it's still the best means for all of us to get the word out, put in our own input about what we would like to see applied to this project's development! It's really awesome of you think about it.


Your sponsorship will allows us to do a lot of things. From maintaining the URL, to securing a dedicated server and focus on game development, it will also help us improve our services and expand options for  this website. If you would like to help use the Support Button here.

Current News


All transactions are kept confidential. We do not share such information with third parties or auto-bill you.

Future Demo Link
External Links

Having problems finding an older version of Unity? Don't like the latest Blender but cannot get the installer?  We have solved this for you. The link for Unity 2017 versions are direct from the Unity Game Engine Website. For Blender 2.79 the installer has been saved to our storage.

Got Scenes?

Have you already created your own 3D Game World scenes and haven't been able to do anything with it? Do you think it might work for this project? Can you modify it to something new if asked?

Well, you are in luck. If you own the assets or can replace them with original content and would like it to be considered for helping develop a game demo for Sybirathia, you can!  Just send us a link to your example and specify what version of the Unity  Game Engine it is made in. It is preferred to be made the latest 2017 version for easier editing.

We also have a couple of basic male and female character models made in Blender 2.79 that are available for rigging and adding blend shapes to if you would like to assist us in that area, along with any clothing and accessory creations to be applied for later customization of characters for end  users, both before and during game play. Thanks for your help!

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