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Welcome to Sybirathia!

Our goal is to make Sybirathia a community supported and sponsored community where we bring gamers, game developers, and those just seeking a place to socialize with friends, and make some new ones along the way together by way of both the website and a fun 3D world environment combining concepts from both single and multiplayer games. Always check back as the website is regularly updated.

Platforms Intended (PC = Personal Computers):


While a lot of games today are almost entirely restricted to mobile devices and specialty web-browsers, our intention is to bring back the PC platform for home computers and then expand to allow for other platforms such as mobile and game consoles. With community support, especially from the Indie Game industry, we can make this free to try and play. We fully intend to keep micro-transactions low and kick those pay to win type things to the curb.


Volunteers Needed.

There are several options here that you can participate in for the development of this project both as a developer and a future end user. These are largely industry standards and by helping us, you are also helping build that needed portfolio and reference source future employers need and look for. Do note the following:

  1. All this will be on a volunteer basis.

  2. As a volunteer you will be able to use Sybirathia as part of your needed developing portfolio for the game industry at large.

  3. You will need to demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines, complete an assignment, be friendly, flexible and consistent. 

  4. You will also need open and clear communication skills and the ability to work with and adapt to a variety of personalities (in short able to be an outgoing people person).

  5. Be able to adapt to any mid-way and sudden changes such as additions, subtractions, or complete scrapping of particular designs or features during the development processes.

  6. Be able to handle potential high stress well and remain fair, courteous and respectful.

  7. Have a good sense of humor and able to demonstrate that through your work and general interactions with individuals and participants.

  8. You will need the ability to work fast and autonomously with minimal information and demonstrate personal creativity.

  9. You are able to also make some suggestions provided you are able to provide some examples of your suggestions and demonstrate how such will benefit the project overall.

  10. If you also have skills that overlap and match several of these areas, you can apply those skills, but we recommend not to over load yourself as doing so will inevitably burn you out.

  11. All content must be Original Content specifically created for Sybirathia and will be released as property to Sybirathia and cannot be resubmitted or sold to anyone else.

  12. We will reject any known copyright and intellectual property of other companies including but not limited to recognizable characters, creatures, products, and or logos and trademarks.


  1. World/Scene Development:

    1. A solid understanding of the Unity game-engine mesh requirements will be a must: collision hulls, LODs lightmaps, and similar technical aspects.

    2. You will be using a lot of project specific content but can start by creating basic environments using basic model shapes for concepts and layout of scenes to be later replaced with polished models (IE, buildings, furnishings, NPC characters, etc).

    3. If you have already created such and like such to be considered just send us a link with a short video demo for review.

  2. 3D Models and Artwork (collectively called Assets):

    1. Able to work with minimal concepts to complete assets.

    2. Able to adapt to many different art styles.

    3. Can work autonomously in between critiques and reviews.

    4. Geometry needs to be generally clean and thought through with appropriate vertex normals.

    5. Highly competent in UV unwrapping and achieving appropriate texel density.

    6. Ideally, Blender, Max. Maya & Modo is acceptable for such projects but all models need to be put into FBX format as final work that can be implemented and imported properly into the engine.

    7. Confident sculpting ability in Zbrush

    8. Can efficiently create low poly models using Topogun or similar software.

    9. Polyflow is clean and is animation ready.

    10. Ability to texture in Substance Painter or similar software.

    11. A solid understanding of game-engine mesh and texture requirements.

    12. Demonstrate strong anatomy knowledge.


    14. Know Substance Painter and how to retrieve materials from Substance Source.

    15. Competent in high-res to low-res baking (this includes all relevant maps, not just normals).

    16. At least a high-level understanding of texture blending techniques like vertex color painting and height-blending.

    17. Must know how to use multiple materials on a single asset.

    18. Bonus Skills include such as Strong Substance Designer material creation,  as well as excellent scene composition and lighting ability to reduce performance and latency (lag) issues.

    19. Portfolio reflects a good balance of hard surface and organic modeling/sculpting.

  3. Character Animation (humanoid and Non-Humanoid);

    1. Solid understanding of humanoid/creature body mechanics and physics (as applicable to each project).

    2. Understanding of animation and modeling workflows.

    3. A general understanding of the principles of animation.

    4. Proficiency with character acting and accurate lipsync animation.

    5. Confident knowledge and use of animation layers, constraints, and custom tools.

    6. Understanding of the dependency graph, utility nodes, and the use of expressions

    7. Work cleanly through gimbal lock on multiple controls, counter-animation against super mover locomotion, and IK/Fk switching and matching.

    8. Follow established file structure and file naming.

    9. A solid reel noting the tasks you accomplished, and time spent per shot listed, if possible.

    10. File import/export knowledge for Unity Game Engine.

  4. VFX Artists:

    1. Demonstrable experience  with Unity FX.

    2. Popcorn FX is a bonus.

    3. Experience working with Materials with such as Shader Forge in Unity.

    4. Understanding of physics, force, timing, and color.

  5. 2D artwork and UI Layouts:

    1. This is the 2D content that includes navigation button 2D art, registration and login, character selection and menus.

    2. Knowledge on applying and implementing and designing 2D art for the Unity Game Engine's UI systems is a must.

    3. We are flexible on what software you can use for this but it is best to use such as Adobe Photoshop and/or Gimp, and knowledge of how to design and develop such content for such as PNG based art and production of sprites that are clean and visually pleasing.

    4. Knowledge of the fundamentals of UI text and highly skilled with and in the use of TextMesh Pro is also a must.

  6. Programming Language Artists  (Coding):

    1. Coding will be a major necessity here so that we can get the functions and intended features to work correctly and tie all the elements intended together.

    2. One will need to be highly skilled at and can rapidly put into action scripts programmed with C# coding language.

    3. Additional coding knowledge in C++, Python, Java, Objective C, and GLSL is helpful and may be required in some aspects of project development.

    4. This will be essential for creating a user registration and login menu  that will also serve as part of the default male or female character selection process (IE, player registers and chooses their gender as either male or female, and this will assign the gender of the base starting avatar/model/Character that the end user can add to and develop over time with various content such as  sliders and blend shapes, changing hair styles, clothing and other accessories as they are created and developed for the gender specific models).

    5. Coding will also include knowledge of applying such security of registration files and accounts (as well as verification), server security, program integrity, custom and optimized browser for Sybirathia's Game, etc.

  7. Audio Production Artists:

    1. We will be seeking Audio Production artists for such as music, ambient sounds for environments and development of character voices and voice actors.

    2. All files should be mad in MP4 format which is the most compatible with the Unity Game Engine.

  8. Game Trailer Production:

    1. Those wishing to help make Game Trailers and Cut scenes  must be proficient with using such as Cinemachine available in the Unity Asset Store.


The Benefits of helping develop this project:


  1. Work you have done for Sybirathia will be your reference  which you can submit such to potential employers.

  2. We cannot and will not, however, guarantee you will be hired by such third parties.

  3. We will allow you to provide a link on our website to your own  web-portfolio on our website and allow you to mention the work you have done for Sybirathia specifically.

  4. We will not provide references for you to potential employers for incomplete work. Therefore you must be able and willing to undertake and complete such assignments as they become available  through each stage of development.

  5. This will further allow Sybirathia to become not only a place for those interested in entering the Indie Game Industry at large to develop their portfolios, but also make using Sybirathia as a reference source more effective for volunteers.

Invite people to our site! The best advertising out there is word of mouth and social networking. Not only is it far more cost effective, it keeps the expenses really low. Also with today's global economy, it's still the best means for all of us to get the word out, put in our own input about what we would like to see applied to this project's development! It's really awesome of you think about it.


Your sponsorship will allows us to do a lot of things. From maintaining the URL, to securing a dedicated server and focus on game development, it will also help us improve our services and expand options for this website. If you would like to help use the Support Button here.


All transactions are kept confidential. We do not share such information with third parties or auto-bill you.

Current News
Future Demo Link
External Links

Having problems finding an older version of Unity? Don't like the latest Blender but cannot get the installer?  We have solved this for you. The link for Unity 2017 versions are direct from the Unity Game Engine Website. For Blender 2.79 the installer has been saved to our storage.

Got Scenes?

Environment Artists: Have you already created your own 3D Game World scenes and haven't been able to do anything with it? Do you think it might work for this project? Can you modify it to something new if asked?

Well, you are in luck. If you own the assets or can replace them with original content and would like it to be considered for helping develop a game demo for Sybirathia, you can!  Just send us a link to your example and specify what version of the Unity Game Engine it is made in. It is preferred to be made the latest 2017 version for easier editing.

Be sure that your skill sets match those listed on the left for what we are looking for and what potential employers are seeking.

3D Humanoid Character Artists:


We have a couple of basic male and female character models made in Blender 2.79 that are available for rigging and adding blend shapes, and modifying as necessary, as well as being used for creation of various assets such as clothing, hair, weapons and other accessories. be aware they are Sybirathia specific and property that are not to be used in any other means than personal use, but that personal use does not include usage on other sites  or in other games that are not part of or owned by Sybirathia LLC.

Sample Models
Models made by Raymond Foster
Not all featured models are necessarily the ones that will  appear in the final released Game and are subject to editing. If you would like to help improve these models, add rigging and create animations for them, Contact Us. These are Sybirathia LLC properties and therefore are not Public Domain.
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